As a child I was told to wait for something many, many times. As a mother I told my son ‘Wait’ it seems like every day for nearly everything until he turned 18. Actually, I have taken that 4 letter word quite personally and dreaded the time I heard ‘wait’ until I finally got what I wanted. As I have gotten older I have found a sweetness in getting what I want after waiting and daydreaming about it. Like when I was a child and I finally got that pretty piece of chocolate and I would take small bites and save a piece for later. Agonizing over getting it and then savoring every single bite like I’d never get it again.

One thing I am really happy about is that some stores I know have brought back lay-a-way. For this I am truly grateful. I no longer use credit cards and this allows me to get something I really want and look forward to it, and set aside for it. By the time I get it I feel like I have earned it and it is truly mine, never owing another red penny for it.

I once worked with a girl several years ago who was going to school and would  not allow herself anything sweet until after her final exams were over. It was more of a family and nationality subject to her but it just seemed like something really wise to do. Instead of just having anything sweet whenever she wanted she looked at as more of a reward, and I am sure that it was priceless once she got it. Also, it was looking at food in a whole new light to me – it was not something that was just there to fill a void and grab because you could; it was an experience and a pleasure to look forward to. I love that and that is one of my favorite things about what she did.

Even if we can have everything we want or could wish for it is a healthy thing to do for ourselves to make a time for something or a place for something – or both – that will require it to be more special and meaningful. It’s not just about what’s going into your mouth but a full sensation of the area around you to create an experience. Am I sounding preachy? Yea, but I am still trying to get my idea across about cooking home cooked meals and a good home cooked meal is not something you pop in the microwave for 2 minutes or unwrap and it put into the oven. Admittedly, it takes some planning, but it is not difficult to add a few portions to a meal to have left overs for lunches, not every meal needs to have you painstakingly standing and stirring over the stove. I have been doing this for 2 months now, I think about it constantly and how healthier it is – and I don’t eat organic and cage free because at the moment it’s too expensive and I am on a budget – so it is just simply home cooked meals. Planning meals and cooking them and anticipating them cause the saliva to flow and the juices in your stomach to start moving around, which is much healthier for digestion.

What have you been anticipating lately?? Have a great day!!


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