Stuffed Spuds

Stuffed Spuds

Really good baked potatoes are the best. Since we have been having thunderstorms lately I decided to bake a bunch. When I bake potatoes for stuffing I bake them a bit differently. I toss them in olive oil and salt and pepper them really well, place them in a pie dish and bake them. The skins are sooo delicious. Tonight I have some sauteed broccoli and fried onions and cheese. Tomorrow I will fry up one and put a little chili over the top with cheese and sour cream. These are great for the office as they heat up fast and make everyone wonder what smells so good. Also, very economical and I love that! Anything to save money these days helps. Cheese, salsa and sour cream is another favorite. When I was in London a few years ago many of the pubs offered stuffed spuds on the menu – Classic!


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