Mexican Food · Tacos

Tacos Galore

I love Mexican food, being from L.A. I have my favorites. I love traditional food made with lard – I also, like healthy Mexican, like Chipotle’s bare burrito – Awesome. When I make it at home I steer towards the more healthy fare. Yesterday, I cooked some chicken breasts and sliced it and chopped it, fried some corn tortillas and made taco shells. I had some black beans that I had made earlier in the week along with some brown rice. Years ago I found this hot sauce called Bufalo, it’s a smoked chipotle chili sauce and it’s worth it’s weight in gold for flavor – and it’s about a dollar at the market. I make chipotle mayo with it for fries or burgers. Anyway so this addition to my tacos was unbelievable…I was in heaven.

Today I had a salad version of my tacos from last night: lettuce, chicken, beans, tomatoes, cheese. I mixed the chipotle sauce with a little oil and balsamic vinegar. Heaven!

When I get into a Mexican food kick, I like to make meat to have on hand along with tortillas, sour cream, salsa, beans and avocado…To tell you the truth I have eaten like this all of last week and been quite happy.


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