I was raised by my English grandmother, although, she was Trinidadian and of French and Spanish decent she was decidedly English in many many ways because Trinidad during her time there was a British colony. One of those English ways being the love of the tradition of tea. There was always something for tea, whether it was cookies or cake or a big slice of sourdough toast with butter oozing off of it (one of my all time favorites) – there was always something put out for tea. I have been steeped in this ritual since I was a child and although I replace it with iced tea occasionally in the summer, I usually always have tea when I come home from work.

I have become quite obsessed with the proper tea, although it has only happened a handful of times during my adult life. I love the set-up of the the table. I love the brown Betty teapot and loose tea and sugar cubes. It’s so faithfully English and terribly proper. Mixed china and odd silver pieces and dark wood and lace. Oh, so lovely and ladylike. But come on get real….I have a huge 16 ounce mug for my tea, using two tea bags, and milk and sugar…and eat whatever is around, usually toast – full of butter and jam. During the colder months I make quite a lot of gingerbread and pound cake, my sons favorites.

Having tea after work gives me a refresher and a lift to get things done at home. I put my feet on the coffee table and pick up a magazine for a bit and enjoy it…then I can move on. So make a cup; steep it strong and enjoy it!!

One thought on “Tea

  1. I have coffee in the morning. But, I love tea. And when I can (which seems like its only a couple times a week)I love to have tea in the afternoon. My favorite is Earl Grey, but I also like Oolong and English Breakfast. I agree,Its relaxing and does make you feel like you are carrying on some sort of tradition. And in our socity today,maybe we need to stop and be proper now and then:) I do always have a cup of herbal tea before I go to bed as well.


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