Balance · Eating Out

Striking A Guiltless Balance

This last month has been sort of a moment of truth for me. I have not ever been a person who wants my needs to be bothersome to other people, or to be questioned about myself too much. I hate to be the center of attention. Having this idea and this blog has brought many a question from all sorts of people, which I can handle – I love to tell people about the importance of homecooked foods and meals.

In doing this, I have been coming to terms with this whole thing. Being too strict in life is not my intention. Rather my idea is to bring to the forefront the importance of cooking and eating most meals from our home kitchen. There are times when it is necessary but not a real necessity to eat out, and socializing is important to all of us. I hate to be preachy and that is what’s happening… But I want to get people to think about what constitutes a meal outside their home, other than at another persons home – but in a restaurant. I will absolutely not talk about fast food or drive-thru’s. I think if a person/family is going to eat out then please make a good choice and eat at a local restaurant and sit down at a table. Do remember that the calories in restaurant foods are twice as much as the same meal cooked at home. I guess right now I’m doing what I think others should do…think about what, how, and where they eat. Like I’ve said before it is a challenge. Make it a point that eating out is a treat if you do it, and not the way to eat everyday.


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