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A New Day

There’s a process of elimination going on…And I want to point out it’s an experiment, also. Within the last 5 months this way of cooking and eating home cooked meals has made me aware and sensible, thrifty and resourceful. I love to have the outlook about home cooking that I have now.

So with the knowledge and sensibility I have gained in the process, I changed the name to something much more suitable: Inspired Home Kitchen. I think this name suits it more appropriately. An inspired home kitchen…yes, that’s what this is all about.

Home cooked meals made from scratch as much as possible and limiting eating out at restaurants to once or twice a month. When I say restaurant, that’s exactly what I mean, a good local choice with fresh ingredients where you can eat something that you would not eat at home: A “treat”. Absolutely no fast food or pre-made foods, I am sticking with my guns on this one.  Create some delayed gratification, mealtime is always coming around again. Eat sensibly from home and enjoy!


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