Cleaning Out The Refrigerator

Some days ‘ya cook and some days ‘ya don’t. After cooking for a few days it’s time for a rest and that means throwing everything and anything that is worth eating (edible) on a plate. That’s when this happens: a pork chop, a large portion of pasta carbonara, garbanzo beans, sliced tomatoes, the end of a loaf of homemade bread…sounds like a lot, huh. I was starving and ate the whole thing. Usually, the miscellaneous ends of a meal go to work with me and I love, love, love that. But lately for work I have been taking a decadent cream cheese and nutella filled English muffin and a banana – that I cannot seem to get enough of. Oh, well dinner tonight meant cleaning out the frig and making room for the next cooking sessions. Ahh, well, it all goes to the same place as my grandmother used to say. Dig In!

One thought on “Cleaning Out The Refrigerator

  1. Thankfully,I married a man who enjoys eating food a second time around.Though he claims that he married a woman who cooks food so good that eating it twice isnt anough(aint he a charmer;) But,yes,I will cook 3 days in a row then we will be eat leftovers. Then like you said, cook some more.Nothing gets wasted! Alot of the time,its better the second time around anyway! Have a great weekend:)


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