For the Love of Cookbooks

I am a self professed cookbook hound. I love them; I love to look at the recipes and get ideas; I love the pictures; I love to read them.

Will Rogers said “I never met a man I didn’t like”. My own version of that is: “I never met a cook that I couldn’t learn something from”. I love people that cook, hands down no doubt about it. From a very young age I collected recipes and plowed through recipe books just looking. In this day and age we are bombarded with ideas and techniques for making recipes. Whoever would have imagined that we would have channels just for cooking shows? It’s amazing and wonderful the resources we have. And for all the resources I have I never completely follow a recipe, but it always tastes good. I will, however, follow a technique and watch for the certain way that something should look. It is important to know that cooking is a craft and is something that we will continue to learn.

Get the basic cookbooks you need and then follow your heart from there. Build a cook’s library that only you can love.


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