Small Spaces

Work With What You Have

Does it take a gourmet kitchen to produce a gratifying, sustainable meal? No, of course not. I lived on a boat for seven years and didn’t even have an actual kitchen. I had a small refrigerator that meant I needed more frequent trips to the market; A small convection oven and a hot plate; it was really not that difficult. The fact that I loved where I lived so much made it all the easier to deal with a small kitchen.
My son learned to cook on that boat. When he came home from school, he would call me at work and I would have him season a piece of meat, wrap it in a piece of heavy duty foil, and turn on the convection oven that was on a timer. By the time I got home dinner was mostly ready and he felt like he got to help in a big way. Figure out what you have to work with and use it.


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