Spring, Where is it?

This is my second winter here in Hailey, Idaho. Seven months of winter is a sacrifice to me; a sacrifice so that I can have the beautiful summer and parts of spring and fall that are simply the most wonderful gifts of nature. I can tell that it’s thawing outside due to the fact that the ground is wet and the birds are chirping and once in a while I see little swirls of small bugs in the air. Yet these days are not consistently one after another. It’s only March. Spring is an interesting time here, the weather seems to be volatile; it gets windy, it will snow but not stick on the ground and it will hail and down pour at not one bit of notice. Ah, my relationship with nature feels so insecure. But just knowing that in time summer will be here with its abundanct bounty and freeness of attire makes it all worthwhile.
Being a figure skater, you would think I adored winter. Not happening. It’s very different to be in a cold ice rink and be able to walk out into 60 or 70 degree weather. To live inside when the weather outside is below zero for a couple of months straight is the ultimate cabin fever. I like to walk and I enjoy the outdoors so being inside for months on end is very stuffy. The great thing is that it’s the tail end of it. Even when it snows at the end of May or beginning of June, the warm sun will come out and save my soul.


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