Junk Food

Know Your Junk Food

I have a hard time saying no to food. I have set this belief system set up but I cannot be so rigid with myself that I will deny certain pleasantries if the opportunity arises. I do not ever plan to go to the county or state fair and not eat. To me that’s the best part if the day. I will not pay the exorbitant amounts at a movie theater, so I will eat ahead of time.
Like anyone, I have my vices: A maple bar from the gas station, at least a few times a year; A YooHoo on a road trip; A bag of Lay’s potato chips, the plain kind; A small bag of M&M’s; I love Life cereal, and I love Nutella on toast, often. Those are the worst of my eating habits, and they are few and far between(usually). If I have one indulgence like this a month, I’ve taken care of myself. To know in my heart that the real food I eat comes from my kitchen in my house, then my body and soul are well.


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