Burnt Cheese

Burnt Cheese Phenomena

My sister is not into the culinary arts, but she has taste in food and clothes; good taste. Recently, we were on the phone talking about our day when she told me she was making burnt cheese. What’s that? I asked. Take a handful of shredded cheese, anything mild, similar to cheddar will do, put it into a a skillet and let it melt to the middle, turn it over like a pancake, cook it til it’s crispy. A few days later, on the phone with her, again, she was making it again and I had to do it. So I sprayed a little Pam on my cast iron skillet and put a handful of grated mild cheddar in the pan. It didn’t take very long to be able to turn it over and get it crispy. I was eating it, amazed at how crispy and nutty it got, it was addicting, when she asked me, ‘It’s good isn’t it?’ I have to admit it was one of those wonders of the world, why hadn’t I thought of it? It’s some good stuff.


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