Good · Good-o-meter · Pad Thai

Accentuate the Good

Yes. It’s all good. But once in a while you bite into something that makes you close your eyes and think of nothing else but all the senses you are feeling as you taste it. The pleasure consumes you. And when you think of it again, your senses arise. There is a good-o-meter inside of each of us. The good that is familiar and you think nothing of it and the good that is uncommonly good and we remember it with desire. We all know this. There is everyday good and there is good that we know we deserve occasionally that we look forward to. Someone once asked me where I wanted to go eat, and I replied, ‘Somewhere good’, and I was mocked by the reply ‘as opposed to something bad?’ Retreating, I didn’t feel like putting out the energy to explain myself, and in the end I was not particularly happy with where we ate, even though it was my idea. The damper was on my enthusiasm even before we left. Being in the company of someone who cannot accept another person’s point of view as different yet equal to their own left my soul feeling undernourished. I will never forget that bowl of Pad Thai, which was good…just good.


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