Broccoli · Michelle · Obama

Broccoli Obama

When my sister asks her son, my four year-old nephew, who our president is, he replies, “Broccoli Obama”. He’s serious, every time, no matter how many times she or anyone else asks him. I called him the little vegetarian, but I think he might actually have something, possibly a slogan for our first lady or maybe a recipe…Michelle Obama is penning a book at the moment on healthy eating and her white house garden. I have a title for her: Barack “Broccoli” Obama’s Victory Garden, not bad if I say so myself…with my nephew, of course. I think it would be an encouraging title, especially making an impression on kids, that’s if he has a good sense of humor. Remember those old Saturday morning public service announcements, Hankering for a Hunk of Cheese – Time for Timer? Well…I would say that kids would definitely remember Broccoli Obama, if Michelle had a recipe for it in her book! I’m thinking, I’m thinking…help me out here!


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