Canned Green Beans

Canned Green Beans

I despise them. It has to do with certain segments of my childhood. Recently, I was served a meal and the meal included canned green beans. At the time I was happy with my company, but as I saw the can being opended while I watched dinner being prepared, I was dumbstruck. It was a fault of huge measure for the person making me dinner, yet, I didn’t know how to say that I hated them, because I thought I really liked the person, at that odd moment of time in my life. Fresh green beans I love, steamed, or especially my new found way of roasting them. But, I did eat them, and I did not utter one word about my dislike or my bad childhood experience with them, and I do not quite understand why. In all honesty they were tolerable, I ate them all and didn’t gag. But it wasn’t worth it; it just wasn’t worth the trouble. The same went for my company; tolerable, but in the end not worth the trouble. I will never do that to myself again.


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