Chocolate Sandwiches

Chocolate Sandwiches

My grandmother had a favorite story of my youngest aunt and uncle that were found sitting on top of the kitchen counter one morning eating bread and Hershey syrup: Chocolate sandwiches. To my grandmother it was a chocolate thing; my uncle was and is a chocoholic without a doubt. I am pretty sure it was my aunt that drummed up the whole thing because she is quite the innovative leader; I am sure my uncle said he was hungry and my aunt said well let’s climb up here and make something. I, myself, have never eaten a Hershey chocolate sandwich, but I have recently discovered just how wonderful a really good chocolate sandwich can be. What it takes is a fresh, crispy baguette, warmed with a bit of butter and a few squares of good dark chocolate in the middle. This is so good it has it’s own category on my good-o-meter: Scandalously Good.

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