Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake · Flop

It’s Edible

The house smelled fantastic. After 45 minutes, I opened the oven door and Voila! it was a hot mess of a flop.
I love Nigella and used her recipe for Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake. The loaf sunk quite perfectly in the middle, like it just gave up. It’s not dry, in fact, it tastes pretty good. The crumb seems to be a bit thick, not a fine crumb that I’m used to seeing. I do live at about 5,000 feet altitude, and last summer I had something similar happen to a pound cake, actually, it was most likely the same thing. If I were able to put the two loaves together I might start humming Ebony and Ivory. Well, it’s edible and half of it is gone. There’s a smirk, and a wink and a bite for ‘ya. I’m pretty sure it’s the altitude as Nigella can do no wrong.


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