GMF · Old School

So What If I’m Old School?

I love hot water bottles and mason jars and if that means I’m old school, then I take that as a complement. Foods that don’t come in bags or boxes are, obviously, real foods to me. I realize the foods I have chosen to eliminate for reasons of human value and a philosophical point of view are mostly genetically modified foods (GMF). Although, I am now reading up on gmf’s, I prefer to live my life from a philosophical point of view. Living my life with the intention to be my true self and who I need to be is what really matters to me.Taking time to care and find quality; looking for my own reasons within myself as to why I want to do something; why it would mean something to me. One thing I fully, heartily believe in is to think for oneself.

If taking the time to prepare a meal from scratch describes me as being old school, thanks. It also means the difference between a wannabe and pro. I prefer the thought of being a pro at being myself. A real professional will always find the time and take the time.


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