Time. Time is the difference between a wannabe and a pro. A pro will relish the time and create the time to do the extra work involved, to know more and be more, to be more knowledgeable and at ease with the subject at hand. Whereas, the wannabe will take every short cut they can find to try to get to the same place as the pro, but it just won’t happen; they are not truly giving of themselves, they are simply trying to ‘get’, by avoiding. A pro really cares and there is nothing they can do to stop the flow of ideas. Ideas come to them easily because they are in tune with what they want and focus on it. There is pride in workmanship, by putting themselves into what they are doing, there is not a ‘getting’ mentality. It is a giving in it’s true form.

We, as a nation, seem to be more interested in speed and the elimination of work; striving for less work, less steps involved. Looking for the flick of a switch or press of a button…and Voila! it is there for us and waiting…Fast and cheap with little to no effort. Just think about that mentality. Think about the society, our society that has put that into our minds, our thinking, molding our daily routine. Putting the thought in our head that our lives are all about the time we save. Save time to do what? Spend more time watching t.v.? So, we have more time, wouldn’t it be nice to have that time to live creatively, taking time, spending time on the things that matter to us? To be made to feel that something valuable to us is not worth our own effort is a life-diminishing thought. I am not a piece on an assembly line, nor a dollar sign; as an individual I do not see myself as being something or someone so easily replaceable. To be made to feel that way is an insult to my intelligence.


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