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13 Put up the extra.

This is the ultimate in forethought. If you are fortunate to have an abundant quantity of fresh produce, make jam, make tomato sauce or apple sauce. One of the greatest things I’ve learned is to can using a hot water bath to seal the jars. It’s easy, inexpensive and highly rewarding. Fill your pantry with… Continue reading 13 Put up the extra.

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1 Good food takes time.

Get this in your head. Cooking is an inspired action; cook and you will be inspired to cook more. Emerson wrote “The law of nature is; do the thing and you shall have the power.” Good cooking is a powerful action. Taking the time to prepare good nourishing meals is as nourishing as the food… Continue reading 1 Good food takes time.

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What’s going on in your kitchen?

Remember the phrase, “Take a look in the mirror”? Well, go in your kitchen and take a real hard look at what’s going on in there? Is it working for you? Let me rephrase that, Are you making your kitchen work for you? Because, really, it’s up to you. It’s like delegating smaller tasks to get… Continue reading What’s going on in your kitchen?