Market · Shopping

To Market, To Market

When I was growing up I hated the market. I would wait outside in the car, listening to the radio, reading a book or writing, while my grandmother shopped. Very rarely did I ever go in. It was a bore to me and I always felt like she took way too long.

While my son was growing up, I went every Saturday morning, like clock work, with my list and my clipped coupons. I did well with my coupons, I save $25 – $30 every time. Of course, now I know I was just buying a lot of packaged foods. I know that now; learning takes time. It takes time to be your own person.

Things have changed, in particular, me. I have a routine now when I go to the market: I will take my list and get everything on it and then if I have the time I will go through a few aisles, particularly the baking and spice aisles and just look. There are so many different flours now, I love to look at them and see which ones I haven’t tried yet. It’s always a learning experience, a leisurely one, and if I can get something new to try that puts a gleam in my eye, then it’s been worth it.


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