Cleaning · Spring

Spring Cleaning

Years ago, one of my very favorite bosses had our group follow her to the office kitchen – quietly. Now, if you know office kitchens, you will know that it did not consist of much: a microwave, coffee machine, frig, a few tables and a toaster. The thing about it was that it got used, a lot. It was Christmas-time and all she told us was that we were going to clean the kitchen and not say anything about it – and we all just went along without really asking anything. The office was pretty empty and it was late in the day so no one saw us doing it. There were about 5 of us in the group and we spent an hour cleaning: wiping down walls organizing supplies, wiping in the frig, whatever needed it – got it, and  we never talked about it after that. So thoughtful, we went in like elves, came out and never spoke a word. It was one of the nicest things to do and to do it in a way that was never looking for any kind of recognition was the best part.

Growing up I always hated to do the dishes and kept clear of the kitchen unless there was any baking or candy making to be done, otherwise, I just did not cook. Now, I love kitchens so this is not an issue. Every once in a while, I like to show my love and support and do a deep clean on my kitchen. Especially this time of year when the doors can be open and a warm breeze can flow through. I begin by taking apart spices and wiping down areas where I don’t get to often enough, then wiping down the bottles and jars and putting them neatly back in their places. I pull apart my utensils and do a wash of all of them and the container that holds them. The shelves get pulled apart and wiped down and everything goes neatly back in place. The refrigerator will get a wipe down on the inside and outside. The stove will get a scrub, and the hood will get released of any grime caught there after months of cooking. I think the greatest part of this is actually pulling things apart and putting them back in a clean place. It feels good; it feels like a really caring gesture. I like to do it by myself, sometimes quiet, sometimes in mid-morning with some music playing. But what is really nice is that no one really knows anything about it. Funny, it just naturally looks good.


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