Supermarket ripoffs

Supermarket Ripoffs

There are a helluva lot of rip-offs in the supermarkets. With the 47,000 + items they have to offer, there are tons of gimmicks from ad campaigns to try and get us to buy unnecessary items.

I don’t think the philosophy of eating home cooked meals has completely gone out of style, I think advertising has shaped our lives by telling us we don’t have the time for home cooked meals we’ve made ourselves in our kitchens. In generations before ours there still was plenty of work to be done; farm work from sun-up to sun-down; lots of walking and public transportation – both mother and father working. People still had time to cook at home and eat well. It’s the advertising system embedded in our culture that tells us we don’t have time and need more time for other more relaxing, stress less activities. Cooking a meal is stressful? Hmmm. In turn our quality of life has been diminished. This type of advertising has taken away our own forethought and planning by telling us we will be happy driving thru a drive thru and passing a boxed meal to the kids in the back to eat in the car while driving. Or, hey, let’s buy a premade, processed – heat in the microwave meal – and there’s dinner; everybody has what they want. Hmmm, again. Just think about this for a minute, the joy and quality in our food – in our meals – have been taken away by corporate advertising campaigns. This is us as and this is how we are perceived as a nation. Is this you? After a year on this road and a lot of thinking, I know it’s not me. Just try it. Make a whole meal from scratch. Look at the ingredients as whole pieces and put them together to make the meal. I have to say, I have saved lots of cupboard space, too.


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