5 Foods · Ruth Reichl

5 Foods You Should Never Be Without

Ruth Reichl has a column on CNN and her recent post was 5 Foods You Should Never Be Without.
There were 2 on the list that I found good ideas, cooked rice or potatoes and eggs. Great.

My list goes like this:
Lentils, or beans of any kind. I have a very close relationship with lentils, they’re nutritious, taste good and have kept me alive more than several times in my life given my budget. I feel safe knowing that I have a good pound of them in a glass jar in my cupboard.

Oatmeal. Cannot and will not live without this. I eat it almost every day.

Canned tomatoes. I don’t buy pasta sauce anymore, the best sauce is made using canned tomatoes, garlic, butter, carrots, celery, onions – pureed in a blender.

Peanut Butter. It makes me feel like an American. I’ve eaten it my whole life so far and have no desire to stop.

Olive Oil. It’s a splurge but I don’t buy bottled dressings anymore. A decent olive oil tastes good and is worth its weight in gold.

There you have it. Yes, my list is pretty much a good pantry list. I have other things that are must haves, like onions and garlic, potatoes. Hot sauces, spices and flavors. But if you dropped me off on an island and said ‘Fend for yourself’ – If I got this 5 and had to make it on my own, I probably could.



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