summer · Water From A Hose

Water From A Hose

The tastes of summer…brings back memories. Simple food paired with sweet sunshine late into the evening, one of my favorite experiences. Eating outside is one of the sweet pleasures of summer. Walking on the boardwalk and getting a corn dog and a fresh lemonade, still one of my favorite things to look forward to in summer. When I was a kid taking a long drink from a hose until I couldn’t drink anymore was standard summer fare.
Floats was something my grandmother liked: orange soda with vanilla ice cream, root beer floats, coke floats, cactus cooler floats. My mom, when I was very young, used to make us plain old grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and a dollop of cottage cheese on top – after we had a bath having played outside all day long. I like to have my coffee or tea in the morning sitting outside. When there’s still some dew on the plants; before it gets too hot.
When my son and I lived on a boat we had a stainless barbecue on the back and cooked on it all summer long. I dearly loved living on a boat, you could tell when summer was there, it sounded just like the first scenes from the beginning of Jaws, with water splashing, motors starting and voices from all around, from early in the morning. Washing down the boat and taking a long drink from the hose. Do people still do that? I do.


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