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Simple Beauty Products

Simplicity is one of the most wonderful things in life. I am always looking for ways to simplify…simplify…simplify. In ways that are not only economical but make me feel really good, too. Beauty products are outrageously expensive. And while I do not intend to let myself go and look like a man, I do want to use effectively pure products that will take care of me and have a good feel.
I’ve come up with a great nightly routine:

I have started using olive oil – kept in a small container – as my eye make-up remover and its perfectly amazing. I will even leave it on for a minute and massage it into the crows feet area. For years I’ve been using a glycerin soap from a health food store, at about $1.50 a bar, I feel like its a steal, and its a great soap that doesn’t dry out my skin. I wash my face a couple of times, thoroughly. My new find over the last month is coconut oil, I dab this around my eyes, and use a little of my regular moisturizer to blend with it. I have found this stuff amazing, but only at night, since it’s an oil. For an astringent, occasionally, I use witch hazel – you can get it with rose water added, either way I love it.

I love real bars of soap. Natural glycerin’s like vitamin e or aloe, Kirks Castile pure coconut oil soap – great for the kitchen, Yardley of London Oatmeal and Almond for the shower, the scent is mild and absolutely lovely. Not only are they inexpensive, I love the scents, I love how they look in a soap dish. They are not sitting on the side of the sink in plastic decorated containers that are thrown away when empty. Simple, efficient, economical, and pretty cool looking.


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