Brewer's Yeast · Popcorn

Popcorn Junkie

I love popcorn…I am certifiably nuts about popcorn!! In the past year I have finally been able to rid myself of microwave popcorn. I have an easy, foolproof recipe that tastes fantastic. Try this and you’ll never buy a box of microwavable bags again. I got the brewers yeast addition on a trip to visit my brother in Berkeley and have loved it ever since.

3 Tablespoons oil
1/3 Cup popcorn

3 Tablespoons butter
Brewers Yeast, flaked

3 quart covered saucepan

Heat the oil in the saucepan on medium heat for about a minute. Add the popcorn and cover the pan. Once I begin to hear the oil sizzle, I shake the pan – as in Jiffy-pop. Continue to shake until all the kernels have popped, this will  only take a few minutes. You will know all the kernels have popped after you they stop popping then take a peak, the pan should be full to the brim with popcorn. Turn off the heat. Immediately turn the popcorn into a bowl. Drop the butter into the hot pan until melted and pour over popcorn. Sprinkle liberally with brewers yeast…ain’t no turning back.


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