Chicken Fried Steak Fingers · Road Trip Food

Truck Stops & Highway Cafes

We’ve all been on road trips, and if you grew up before McDonald’s was at every exit on the interstate, you’d know that quarter pounders and mcnuggets have not always been around. There were always highways cafes to stop at for a good homemade burger, hot roast beef sandwich, fresh pies and one of my personal favorite – pancakes that were the size of the plate. Did I admit my age? Not going to do that.

When my son was young and we took road trips, we did stop at McDonald’s or our favorite Dairy Queen. And my thing was that I always felt safe going into them with him as a young boy. I did look towards the Flying J knowing that their lemon meringue would be six inches high off the plate, and thought longingly, but most of the time I played it safe. On one of our trips we were near Clinton, Oklahoma or the northeast part of Texas and we went to a Dairy Queen and they had chicken fried steak fingers with dipping gravy on the menu. It was one of the best things I’ve ever had, and ingenious, I thought at the time. Better than any nugget of chicken sold off the side of a highway…It’s summer, had any good road trip food?


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