Weird and Wacky Sandwiches

There’s a great post on CNN’s Eatocracy on weird sandwiches. I must be weird because I seem to go for the out of the ordinary. One I haven’t tried is PB & Bacon, for some reason I have a taste for it right now. However, I can do without the onions and pickles!

Here are some of my own delectable tried and trues:

Peanut Butter, Strawberry(must) Jam and Banana
Chocolate on a warm Baguette
Cinnamon Raisin Bread grilled cheese and turkey
Liverwurst on toast with mustard
Cream Cheese and Jelly, also great grilled
Grilled PB &J
Tomatoes on buttered Sourdough toast
Peanut Butter and Butter
Nutella on toast
Cinnamon raisin bread grilled with Brie
Cream cheese and bacon
Ham or turkey with chutney and mayo on white or sourdough


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