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Small Appliances and Gadgets Gone Awry?

An overabundance of appliances and gadgets gets in the way of cooking in a lot of kitchens. There must be a whole heckuva lot of good sales people in the world that get us to buy these things that we think we need. Infomercials, anyone?

A few years ago, I moved out of my condo and found I had 2 George Foreman Grills and an extra knife set, a breadmaker that I no longer needed because I learned how to bake bread and whole lot of gadgets. All these things got new owners and out of my new kitchen space.

Learning to cook makes you realize that you don’t need a lot of electronic”helpers”. Once I could make bread, I didn’t need a bread machine. And using knives properly, eliminates the desire to have a bunch of gadgets in the drawer.

I do love my stand mixer, waffle maker, blender, crock-pot and coffee maker. I know I use certain things. I, also, love my cast iron skillet – that has too many uses to list. On hand at all times is a steel for knife sharpening, almost daily – making preparing a breeze. There is nothing better for preparing food than a good sharp chef’s knife.

Periodically, I will look at something and think if I still use it. If I don’t I will put it in the trunk of my car and drop it off at the local thrift store, for someone else to try out. I’d rather have the space.

Remember the best tools in the kitchen are clean hands.


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