Food Day

Support Food Day October 24, 2011

Fix America’s Broken Food System.
Eat Real. Sounds really simple, but unfortunately it’s not. Tastes great; but it takes some effort.
Effort? Yes, effort. Effort to walk away from an easy to heat up and quickly-ready-to-eat processed meal. Effort to buy whole food ingredients, take them home and cook them. This is what being real means. Buying food that looks like food. Cooking. I’ve said it many times: Cooking is not a spectator sport.

By not buying fast food or processed food we are not promoting industrial farming, which is producing GMO’s, which are being used as ingredients. By not buying into the advertising campaigns we are not promoting ‘factory farms’ that pollute our water, soil and air.

We need to appreciate whole foods and love the ingredients for exactly what they are and what they can create when their individual tastes are combined. Again, Cooking Is Not A Spectator Sport.
Support Food Day which is coming up on October 24, 2011.
Support it but not just for that day, incorporate it into your life.


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