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How do you save money on healthy food?

Stock up on fresh produce whenever it is available. Local markets usually state on the sign in the produce section where it’s from. Farmers markets are filled to the brim at this time of year with locally grown, organic produce. Utilize your freezer and freeze as much fresh produce as possible. Be sure to get a good variety. If you know how to can, make jams and pasta sauce and pickles.

Support your local CSA, Community Supported Agriculture. You will get a bounty of fresh produce weekly from local, organic farmers that need the support and the quality is fantastic. There is so much care going into CSA’s that it’s amazing to watch. They even have newsletters with recipes for produce that you might not be unfamiliar with.

Find out about local farms and orchards in your area and support them. Contact them to find out if you can buy produce in bulk from them and stock up.

If you can, grow your own. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to grow a garden. It’s late in the year now, so plan for next year. Measure for a raised bed garden. Plan to grow herbs in pots. Decide where you’re going to get your seeds from. Look at all the different fruit and vegetables you might want to grow.

If you’re meat eaters, contact a local butcher that has access to farmers who care about their livestock. Buy a certain amount of meat that will fill your freezer.

Buy from the bulk section of your market. Organic whole grains, flours, nuts, beans, legumes – it’s all there without the packaging. Prices are much lower and quality is the same, if not better.

When you take steps to buy in season and stock your pantry, it won’t feel as daunting to buy fresh organic milk and cheese that is more costly to budgets.

It takes forethought to eat quality food.  Every step we can take is worth it.


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