Too Busy to Cook?

Too Busy to Cook?

Or…too lazy.
It’s mind boggling to me that a person cannot seem to plan their meals for themselves or their family. It’s not rocket science. It’s food. Meals.What you eat. What you put in your mouth; into your body.
It takes a few simple ingredients to make a dish. Voila! Cook it! You have a meal – a delicious meal!

Cook. Take the time it takes food to cook. Good food takes time. Allow that; Allow the food to become what you want it to be and it will taste amazing.
Food can cook in the oven while you do other things. Cooking is not a chore to be scorned upon, it’s a beautiful caring thing to do. So, if you are so overwhelmed with your life that you do not have the time and are too busy to cook – keep in mind that there should be time to cook in your life – then you need to simplify your life. Make cooking a priority and you will find the time.


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