Baked Potato Explosion

Potato Bomb

No, it’s not a new drink I made up containing vodka. It was a horrible experience that had me laughing uncontrollably. And it was a dangerous experience: I stabbed a hot potato with a fork and it exploded in my oven, my kitchen and all over me. I got a bad burn on one of my fingers. It was dangerous and very, very funny.

I had not pierced the potatoes, as I have always known I should, before I put them in the oven. I let them cook and when they were ready, grabbed a fork. Bad idea. The second that fork pierced the skin, I honestly did not know what the hell hit me. Potato was everywhere: the oven, the walls, the frig, me.

The potato debris, shown here, does not even give the slightest idea of the severity of the damage a hot baked potato can do to your kitchen – or you. OMG I am still laughing!

Thank-ful for Duke as he cleaned up the floor – there was  hot baked potato crusting onto the oven and the walls, as Mollie, my cat, stared in her secure seat in the dining room. And me cleaning up and laughing my ass off. I have never heard of this happening to anyone, although, I know the rule: Always poke holes in potatoes before you bake them.


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