The Lost Art of Cooking.

The Lost Art of Cooking?

Have you ever noticed the taste difference between an artificial flavor and a natural flavor?
By natural, I mean the actual whole food. The taste of the artificial is far more pronounced and lingering than the original natural food. It’s no wonder getting kids to eat right is a tough chore on parents. Real fruit is not as sweet as candy. And that’s a problem.
And real food at home does not offer a toy to play with while they’re eating. When I was growing up, toys didn’t come to the table. However, its okay for fast food to sell to our kids toys to play with while they eat. To distract them.

It’s up to us to change our habits. No one is going to do it for us. We are what we habitually do. We are human beings. And at the hands of the fast food/processed food industry we are gullible, time-starved, self-entitled-because its cheap dollar signs for every ad campaign that comes out.
Real Home Cooked Food is not lost and we do have time: We have all been distracted into thinking we were something we’re not. Let me point out here that all people, women, men and children have worked hard since the beginning of time. There have been farms to run and game to be hunted – food took work, also. Life was going on while food was being produced and cooked – home cooked, by the way.
Good Food is not fast. In one way or another it takes time. Time to grow. Time to cook.
Real food is satisfying because it gives more than taste; it delivers the nutrients to our bodies as well. A meal has that soul-nourishing quality so much needed today. We tend to forget certain things when we’ve been told repeatedly what we should buy and how something should taste. Our souls have been deprived of good home cooked meals. Souls need nourishment as well as bodies. For this we need to cook, and sit down at the table and eat. Cooking is not necessarily an art to a good many people. While it should not be considered a chore, either – Cooking is a sure sign of self-respect.


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