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School Lunch from the Lunch Ladies

I just posted this to the Huffington Post:
When I was growing up, I spent a very short period of time in a small town in southern Missouri. 5th and 6th grades shared a room, there were about 11 of us total. Every morning when we walked into school, we could smell what was cooking for lunch in the basement kitchen. Always good and homemade by our ‘Lunch Ladies’. Shortly after school started, one of the Lunch Ladies would come to the classroom and get a count and take our punch cards. We were given a weekly menu I think on Friday for the following week. It was a great system. Some days there would be ‘leftovers­’ from the day before and we could ask for them when we got up to the front of the line. On special occasions we were given a choice – rare – and we had to put in our order in the morning. The last day of school there was a choice of tacos and ? – can’t remember, but I did choose tacos. And get this, we were allowed to ask for seconds! This was in the ’70’s.
I agree fast food has taken over the food industry, deliberate­ly getting at our kids to get at our money. If we can get processed food out of schools that would be one huge step for mankind. Keeping it out of our homes, too. Home cooking…  


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