Kitchen Coach

Your Kitchen Coach…

Think of me as your coach.
I am here to coach you in your kitchen. To teach , inspire and help you gain the atmosphere of success in your kitchen. I want you to cook, and I want you to feel successful at it.

Let’s talk about Boiling Water. It’s the simplest thing to do in the kitchen.
You put some water in a pan and turn on the heat. Full blast. In a very short time that water is boiling and it will come to a full rolling boil. Then, you no longer need a rolling boil, so you turn the heat down and allow it to simmer. This is the basis for all cooking: The Degree of Heat. Heat is the basis of everything. Heat is energy. If you want to reduce a stock, you allow it to simmer, so that the liquid can become evaporated and the sauce you have is thicker and denser – which becomes a more concentrated flavor.

If you want to learn to cook, and you start with the very basics, such as boiling water, and realize that that alone – Heat, is the basis for all cooking, you will begin to see just how easy cooking with real whole foods is. You have to create the atmosphere of success there; you have to know that you can succeed at preparing good wholesome food in that room or that area.
If you think that success is something given and not achieved, then you need to sit down with yourself and think about that, because you’ll need to rethink how you think. A successful, home cooked meal is not a processed package, heat in the microwave, throw away the plate kind of meal. It is something that is achieved, that in its own way can heal and restore us, as well as nourish our body. Whereas just waiting for our food to heat is not a blessing, it is not a sin either, if you look at it that way. It is simply a very low quality of life. And you have complete control over it. Why would you want to live like that?


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