Learn from Experience

We Learn From Experience

My brother actually told me this story. He had a teacher that started the class by saying that they got into their cars, and didn’t put on seat belts. Drove down the street, throwing trash out of the car, and no one stopped them. And when their trash was full at home, they put the bag in the back of the car drove down a country road and threw it into a ditch. This was the norm. They didn’t know any better.

Now of course, we live in a different world. We have learned about car safety, from experience. We have learned about a clean environment, through experience.

One day, we will have this story: Back in the day, a family walked into a huge supermarket. They bought food in boxes and cans and from the freezer. When they got home, they put it into the microwave to heat it up, having no closeness or relationship to what they were about to eat, at all. It didn’t look like food, but they ate it. This little story will be history. Someday soon. Because we have learned from experience.


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