Healthy Fast Food

Healthy Fast Food

New ad campaigns are coming in January. They will be showing us the farmer that cares about the potato. The beautiful golden fields of the American dream.
Fast food is industrial farming, it’s what has taken over this country. The ad campaigns are still doing whatever it takes to get people to buy their products. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of things I do believe in – but it’s after I have made the decision that it’s a worthwhile product. And not a product that has not been forced upon me and drilled into my head that I am a certain way, therefore I need a certain product to make life better. In other words, their product will make me feel better. Who are they to generalize me? We are all individuals capable of thinking for ourselves and making decisions based upon what we know. What irritates me, also, is that they are basing this on a trend. Farming and cooking a trend? It’s what’s goin on. I know, I’m on the soapbox…so I’ll get off and tell you what I’ve been telling you:
There has been plenty of fast food from the beginning of time, it’s called fresh produce. There’s another thing, it’s called forethought. You are always going to need to eat. To eat well, you need to plan ahead. Cook ahead of time. Prep ahead of time. It’s an amazing feeling to take care of yourself this way. To know that you have thought of yourself ahead of time; before you need what you need. And to do it well. Well, that is living a very good quality of life. Think of yourself, for yourself.


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