Cooking is not a Spectator Sport

Cooking Is Not A Spectator Sport

We can and do inspire ourselves through what we do. The more we do anything that contributes to our well-being, the more we are inspired to do and try other things associated with it that may contribute, also. But we must be doing whatever that is. Whether it’s work, or exercise or reading or cooking. Cooking is not a spectator sport.
Challenge yourself. Make it your New Year’s Revolution: Eat only whole unprocessed foods for one month. Buy only whole food ingredients for one whole month. See how you feel. See how you will make a connection to the foods you eat. Look at the ingredients in their natural, whole, beautiful form. Once you start to do this and become involved with your food you will take on a whole new perspective.
You will see what you eat – your eating style – and where you can branch off from there and be creative. From that starting point is where you will get ideas and want to try different things. You cannot be a human being and just watch. You have to be doing and being to be fulfilled. Nothing is more fulfilling than a beautiful, simple meal, made by you.


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