A Sprinkle of Good Manners

There is nothing more important than good manners. So, in keeping with staying away from processed foods during the holidays, it is not always easy. But what do you do? Well, first and foremost you keep your home free of processed foods. But what about that potluck you had and someone brought chips and dip? The best thing to do is let it go and be gracious. You are going to have to get a balance in your own life, including your social life and work life. Eating is a social event. I always think the people closest to me know me, but then stuff happens and I have to remember this event is not about me, its about the celebration. It’s would be horrible of me to bring my views into every event or celebration in my life. One thing I do not wish to be is a pretentious, foodie snob. I value the way I live and hope that many people can understand the benefits of home cooking with real whole food ingredients, but I am not going to inflict my views on people at social gatherings. There is a place for everything. If someone I love puts a plate of rice krispy treats in front of me I might just have one.
This year, I know I ate out exactly 6 times(never fast food) – mainly due to economical reasons, I ate out when someone else invited me. I would go out once or twice a month, to a place of my own choice, if I could.
Value your friendships and relationships with family members. Include them in your quest for cooking at home in your kitchen, just find that balance and never ever be rude and humiliate someone who has put effort into something. It is a compliment to them and you.


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