To Err is Human

I was baffled this year as half of what I made for the holidays did not turn out as I had expected.
My gingerbread houses – just didn’t feel it.
Madeline’s – some burned.
Divinity – not as fluffy as should be, but good.
Peanut Butter Fudge – It didn’t want to set. I was making it when I realized my candy thermometer was missing.
Macaroons – Spread on the pan as I watched through the oven window. I used a recipe on the coconut package, it did not say to beat the egg whites. I should have known better, seriously.
Cream Puffs – turned out good, but should have been drier on the inside.
I have some legitimate excuses: My oven is not that great, the door doesn’t close properly. And I live in high altitude now. And maybe my heart just wasn’t into it. But I ended having one my favorite Christmases ever. When something didn’t turn out I got exasperated, fixed what I could and kept the rest at home as I don’t mind a dark Madeline or a spoonful of peanut butter fudge. It felt a bit weird, though. Never before have I felt so inconsistent and had so many sweets not come out.
It is almost that time, now, to put the Christmas decorations away. Another Christmas come and gone. Another year over. Mistakes happen to all of us. Eat them.


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