Self-Defining Meals

Self-Defining Statements Through the Simple Things in Life

The need to eat is never ending. There are other rituals surrounding food that are part of the soul nourishing experience.
The ritual of the meal is a self-defining statement. To yourself and the world you live in. Having a place to enjoy your meals at home is important, first and foremost. A nice thing to do for yourself is to use the nicest table setting you possibly have – for everyday use. Make meals a more formal occassion. When you sit in a nice place and present yourself with a beautiful meal, no matter how simple the food may be, you appreciate the whole experience more. You bring yourself up with the experience by not just filling the trough, so to speak. Enjoy the simple pleasures in a more formal way. Try this for a week and see how you feel – really feel it. Find out how much better you can feel by feeling quality instead of the rushed, mouth stuffing-get it over with actions. Show your life some appreciation by making it a bit more formal, of course, without the air of formality.


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