Shopping for Healthy Food

Shopping for Healthy Food

Big chain grocery stores are hiring dietitians and chefs to help them make better choices. I have to thoroughly agree with Marion Nestle on this one; they are out to sell their products. Any way they can show the consumer they care about them, they will show as an advertising ploy. They’re just trying to show their warm fuzzy side of caring about what we’re eating.
It’s all about the bottom line. Their bottom line.
If we all shopped in the produce section, the bulk section and the meat and dairy sections, we could live a very healthy life. However, the bulk section has been inundated with candy and junk cereals. Not at all what it used to be, so we have to be careful there, also. But – make the right choices and it’s a great healthy start and economical.
Just try, try, try to limit your shopping of anything in a box or prepared. This is the best way to eat healthy. I don’t like that shopping healthy has been made into some elementary school science project. We’re adults, we may have gotten off the right track, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what good food is. It’s just simply whole foods; real foods. Look for and buy food in its natural state and just please go home and cook. YOU MUST COOK to live a healthy life. That’s your bottom line.


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