Eating Real Without Being Rigid

Eating Real Without Being Rigid

Up to the challenge?
Restoring home cooking in a way that is not an unrealistic, rigid way of life is not that daunting. For the most part, if we can make our lives processed food free at least 95% of the time and 100% free of fast food we’re doing a great thing.
So, if you don’t find yourself baking bread from scratch – buy your bread  and tortillas from a local bakery. Do find out what you can make from scratch and do it. Remember 95% of all the food you eat should come from whole food ingredients prepared and cooked at home.
If you need to buy frozen vegetables and fruit, buy just that frozen fruit, not prepared in any way.
Buy a can of tomatoes to make a pasta sauce; don’t buy the pasta sauce. The idea here is that you make your own and not buy prepared anything. Make the meals yourself.
Don’t buy individual servings – it’s a waste of money and packaging. Portion foods into individual servings using jars and containers for work and school lunches. Setting aside time to do this task so that its not a chore but makes you feel ready for your week of school and/or work. Once you have the feeling of being prepared when you need to be, you’ll want to continue doing this.
If you’re at school and you live with roommates, use a piece of masking tape and write your name on it – put it right on top where it can be seen easily. Maybe set it in a certain part of the frig, so you can have your lunches ready for you.
Prepare yourself so you can eat well. Remember it’s not a rigid diet. So, do what you can without making yourself crazy. You’ll enjoy your food and get into home cooking more and more as you go along and it will become a way of life. Happy Cooking!! Happy Eating!!


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