Reheating with Steam


Living without a microwave may seem like going back in time – only at first. I have been  regularly searching my local thrift shops for double boilers of any kind. It’s easy to make a double boiler and that is what I’ve done – and it works great. My favorite steamer is a metal pie plate placed inside of a large skillet filled with about an inch of water. Place your food in the pie plate put the lid on the skillet and allow to steam for about 5 minutes or until your food is hot. This method has been very successful and I love the system.

Also, I have an iron griddle that works great, to get a crust on things like pasta, that can be an added flavor. A lid that fits over it, a baster keeps the heat in and works great. Also, it makes a burrito or quesadilla quickly by heating the meat/rice/beans on one side and a tortilla on the other and then filling the tortilla up and adding some cheese. The tortilla is nice and crunchy with cheese oozing in less than 5~No need to nuke it!


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