$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 1

Put your money where your mouth is.
Fresh is best when it comes to fruits and vegetables – obviously. Of course, the weather here is 30 degrees today, so the fruits and vegetables I just bought aren’t from around here.

My List goes like this:
Frozen Peas 1.49
Dozen Eggs 1.99
Mushrooms 2.19
Kale             2.29
Broccoli      1.85
Bananas        .76
Onions          .26
Spaghetti Squash 1.88

Subtotal $11.78
Tax              .71
Total      $12.49

Like I said, I have lots of beans, legumes and grains. There’s leftover chicken and cornbread for dinner.Some kale – I am on a kale kick right now, it’s my favorite thing to eat. I ate chocolate cake for breakfast so I’ll make up for it with a healthy dinner.

The Coffee Issue: I love coffee, and I love tea. It’s been my habit to switch back and forth here and there throughout the year. Here’s the thing, in August, I sold some tires/wheels to someone I was working for and this person hasn’t paid me. This person owns a coffee shop where I no longer work, and I have been receiving coffee and snow plows as payments. I know, I’m having money issues and this person owes me money, I don’t even want to begin to go into this. The issue is this: How do I handle this with my $30 a week project? So far, I have not received but $15 worth of coffee. This is usually the issue people have when they have a small budget – Coffee. I worked for this person and did have free coffee for six months, so I didn’t spend much on coffee until just recently. Maybe, I’ll switch back to tea when this bag is gone. I have 15 ounces, exactly. I do know, most definitely, that I’ll use up everything I have, coffee and tea, before I buy any more of either one.


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