$30 A Week for 52 Weeks

Week 1

Put your money where your mouth is.Fresh is best when it comes to fruits and vegetables – obviously. Of course, the weather here is 30 degrees today, so the fruits and vegetables I just bought aren’t from around here. My List goes like this:Frozen Peas 1.49Dozen Eggs 1.99Mushrooms 2.19Kale             2.29Broccoli      1.85Bananas        .76Onions          .26Spaghetti Squash 1.88… Continue reading Week 1

$30 A Week for 52 Weeks · The Ultimate Home Cooking Challenge

The Ultimate Home Cooking Challenge

This weekend is my birthday, and, although I am not one for resolutions, I have decided that this is what I want to do – starting this Sunday:$30 a week for 52 weeks – all home cooking.For 2011, I ate out once in January, once in May, twice in October and twice in December.Yes, folks, that was… Continue reading The Ultimate Home Cooking Challenge