Not Fit To Have in the House

Some people are so used to buying and eating store bought prepared food, that to them homemade seems to taste inadequate. It doesn’t taste as rich – because its not full of fat and excess calories that homemade versions don’t have which makes homemade or made from scratch taste inadequate – for some, at first. For some foods, yes, it takes retraining your taste buds – because you’ve taken for granted the store-bought version and never felt the need to make that certain something from scratch.

It wasn’t so long ago that store bought was considered inadequate and ‘Not fit to have in the house.’ When I heard this, it inspired me. Over so many years we’ve grown accustomed to advertising and its become a part of our lives, the junk food, the processed food and fast food. A constant reminder that these places and products are always there for us to buy, buy, buy. Ingrained in our every being over years that our time is so taken up that cooking would just be another household chore and the rewards to that are just a dirty kitchen. Taking the meaning out of life. Zapping us out of a meaningful, calming activity that we really do need. It’s these kinds of everyday activities, when done well bring us a higher quality of life.

To eat simply, there is some training that needs to happen – taste bud training.
If you can begin home cooking by making dishes with only three to five ingredients; dishes where you can taste each individual ingredient – you will begin to appreciate the individual flavors, tasting each one and then tasting all of them together. You’ll realize the quality in the ingredients when you reset your taste buds to taste each ingredient for what it is. You’ll realize that processed foods are not real foods…and not fit to have in the house.


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