Prepared with Food in Case of Disaster

It is highly important to be prepared for disaster. Besides the regulatory flashlight, batteries and water, other resources are very important to have ready when you need them. Food is something we take for granted will always be available whether we can afford it or not. In some severe cases, it is not available. And… Continue reading Prepared with Food in Case of Disaster

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Week 31

Last week I made two stops during lunch at work. 8/16/12Demi-baguette 1.49Tax .09Total 1.58 8/17/12Bagel 1.00 Total Week 318/19/12 Chocolate covered almonds 1.87Baking soda .52Evaporated milk .78Bananas 1.21Strawberries 1.99Oats 1.44Mushrooms 1.99Kiwi, 1  .33Chocolates, 2  .70Yogurt 2.69Lifesavers .79Avocado 1.99Onions .71Tomatoes .96Garlic .49Milk 1.99Half and half 1.89Total 22.34 Bagel 1.00 This Week’s Grand Total$25.92 A while back,… Continue reading Week 31

$30 A Week · $30 A Week for 52 Weeks · Uncategorized

Week 30

Week 30 8/12/12 I stopped at two different markets on my way home on Friday. Almonds, bulk 1.95Graham flour 2.39Chocolate Syrup 2.29Udon noodles 2.29Curry powder 2.59Tomatoes 1.29Total 13.67 (tax included) Chicken breasts 7.03Corn on the cob, 4/1.00Bacon 3.99Bean sprouts .70Eggs 1.19Sour cream 1.39Total 15.30 Grand Total 28.97 Had an oops moment (9-1-12)…Found this receipt in… Continue reading Week 30